Regional implementation team: PCAF APAC

PCAF Asia-Pacific

The PCAF APAC team is formed by all financial institutions with headquarters in Asia that participate in PCAF. The team is led by a regional chair, Ms. Rachael Kao, Executive Vice President, serving as the Chief of Staff of CTBC Financial Holding and also the Corporate's Spokesperson. 

Ms. Kao is in charge of overseeing the organization's strategic business initiatives from development through successful execution. She also enacts and oversees CTBC's corporate sustainability strategy and communicates and coordinates with relevant stakeholders.

The PCAF APAC team enables peer-to-peer collaboration to share experiences and lessons learned among its members regarding the implementation of greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting methods in their portfolios. Team members will adopt the Global GHG Accounting and Reporting Standard and eventually develop bespoke local guides to facilitate application in different national contexts. 

By measuring emissions financed by their loans and investments, the PCAF APAC team takes the first step required to assess climate-related risks, set targets in line with the Paris Climate Agreement and develop effective strategies to decarbonize our society.

Provided the large size of the region, as well as its distinctive national contexts, the team would in due course work via national teams. 

If your financial institution is interested in joining the PCAF APAC team, please contact the PCAF Secretariat.


The most recent report from the PCAF regional implemention team North America is available in Chinese.

Download Chinese version of PCAF NA Report (pdf, 11MB)

Additionally, the 2019 report from PCAF Netherlands is available in Chinese. The Dutch PCAF team has been working on GHG accounting since 2015.

Download Chinese version of PCAF Netherlands Report (pdf, 10MB)

PCAF Japan coalition

PCAF Japan publishes inaugural report on the implementation of GHG accounting in Japan

PCAF Japan was formed in November 2021 to further promote the expansion of measurement and disclosure of financed GHG emissions by Japanese financial sector. The aim of this coalition is to foster stronger collaboration which will enable Japanese PCAF signatories to improve the data quality and steer their portfolio in line with the Paris Agreement. 

PCAF Japan Coalition’s 2024 report details the advances in emissions disclosure the group has made since its launch. Looking ahead, PCAF Japan also publishes its workplan for the 2024 financial year, where the focus is on deeper analysis of specific asset classes, capacity building and promoting wider disclosure.

PCAF Japan is chaired by Mizuho Financial Group and CSR Design Green Investment Advisory Co., Ltd. (CSR Design) acts as the Secretariat for PCAF Japan.

PCAF Japan’s 2024 workplan

PCAF Japan Coalition Report 2024